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Acton Wedding at the Robert Ranch

Back of Robert Ranch House

On Saturday Shaken Not Stirred returned to the Acton area to provide bartending services at a new wedding venue called the Robert Ranch. It is set high on a hillside west of the 14 freeway, and as I was driving up there I wondered if my competition had booked a fake job and sent me on wild Goose chase. My GPS kept turning me onto a very rough dirt road and then it would say I was going the wrong way. This is why you can never trust GPS and should always write the directions down when going to a remote location. I finally found the place and it is very nice.

The wedding had 100 guests and I was bartending by myself. The bride and I decided that the guests would pour their own keg beer and I would make the cocktails. The hosts provided mason jars to all of the guests that had their names on them. This is such a better way to do it, rather than using hundreds of plastic cups.

Bride and Groom great their guests

Robert Ranch Weddings

  • Great Views of the valley
  • Scenic photo ops
  • Beautifully decorated house
  • Large staging area
  • Gazebo for caterers and bar

I tapped the kegs and tried to pour the foam off of them. This why I usually advise against kegs. They are problematic in several different ways, unless you have a C02 regulator and tap. The pump taps are often a pain in the ass and they pour very foamy or slow. The guests managed to drain both kegs by the end of the night, even though they were pouring badly.

Crown Valley at Sunset

I served completely out of tequila, vodka, and whisky and the wedding coordinator had to run and get some more. The catered dinner was barbecue, and I didn’t get the caterer’s card, but it was very good. Later, and I have never seen this done – they brought in a taco cart and served a second meal – Elisa’s Catering Service provided that. Serving the second meal was a great idea, especially when people are drinking heavily. 


Next weekend on Sunday I will be bartending a post Labor Day Party on Sunday for a repeat client in Sherman Oaks. Saturday night is still available. I like booking last minute weddings. The wedding at Robert Ranch I only booked a week in advance. They work out just as well as weddings that were booked a year in advance. If you haven’t done so already, please like us on Facebook.

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