Mixology Classes

I have noticed there is an increased interest in mixology classes, and so I have decided to offer them for my customers. I have done a few mixology classes at corporate retreats, bachelorette parties, and for spouses have purchased them as gifts to each other. Everytime I have done one of these mixology classes, everyone has had a great time and learned something including myself 

Through trial and error, I have developed an interactive mixology class that allows the guests to actually make their own craft cocktails, after some instruction. I first demonstrate how to make a cocktail, then I bring 2 students up at a time and they make their own cocktails. The class works best when limited to groups of 12 or under. Slightly larger groups can be accommodated.

I usually consult with my clients and come up with three or four cocktails to demonstrate. We may make something like a spicy margarita, and then some kind of martini, maybe some kind of layered drink, and then possibly a desert cocktail. The class generally takes three hours. The attendees will make and consume four cocktails. 

The History of Making Cocktails

Each time I do one of these classes, I research the specific cocktails I am demonstrating and the history behind them. I also offer anecdotes from my two decades of experience, bartending. We may discuss the origins of certain spirits and their evolution into the modern world. Attendees are always surprised and impressed by such information.

I also discuss techniques and tricks of the trade while demonstrating how to use bar tools, like shakers, strainers, muddlers, and blenders. Attendees get to shake, stir, muddle and blend. Bartending is not brain surgery, but does require some instruction. The interactive part of the class is much more valuable than when attendees only watch a demonstration. This is a great way for guests to have fun, taste some great cocktails, and learn something without consuming too much. 

I am currently offering a weekday/ weeknight Mixology Class special for $300.

  • Includes portable bar and table
  • Bar tools for attendees
  • 3 hours instruction and demonstration of four different cocktails
  • 1 hour free setup
  • Consultation about drink menu and shopping list

Based on availability. A travel fee of $50 applies for locations more than 30 miles out of the San Fernando Valley. Please call me today to schedule your mixology class.