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Summer Bar Service at Three Parties

Ladies pose at Stevenson Ranch

Shaken Not Stirred provided bar service for two parties last weekend on the first hot days of summer. Friday it was over 100 in the the San Fernando Valley, and I traveled to Stevenson Ranch near Magic Mountain to bartend a birthday party. On Saturday I returned to Eagle Rock to bartend a Second Wedding party, while my son drove to Sierra Madre to bartend a wedding reception.

The good thing about Southern California is that it rarely stays hot, once the sun goes down. It usually cools right off and it did Friday night. It was the client’s 35th birthday party and it started at 9pm, because many of the guests were still working on Friday night. I served Mojitos, Old Fashioneds, and Margaritas. Many of the guests had a great time playing beer pong, while others danced to Pandora. Guests dined on barbecue from a local restaurant, which was really good, but I forgot to ask the name of it.It was a good example of a succesful backyard birthday party, where everyone had a good time, and it didn’t cost a fortune to put on. Guests commented that it was good to have a bar service tending the bar, because otherwise it is just chaos when guests make their own drinks.

Bride and Groom at Second Wedding

Advantages of Hiring a Bar Service

  • Less waste of alcohol
  • Hosts can enjoy themselves
  • Better cocktails
  • Less over serving
  • Guests appreciate it
Bartender dances with bride

Saturday night I was nervous because the Second wedding, meaning the couple was getting married again and renewing their vows for the second time, was going to be an elaborate affair. I brought two servers and there were going to be 140 guests. The hosts had set up a very nice tent and tables at the home overlooking the 2 Freeway and Forest Lawn in Eagle Rock. The servers were supposed to serve food to all 140 people. Well, there weren’t quite that many people and all worked out quite well. LA Party DJ’s provided the music.

Groomsmen at Second Wedding

Meanwhile, my son was bartending a wedding reception in Sierra Madre by himself. This was the third party he has done for me alone and once again I got good feedback. Here is an excerpt of the email I received from the host after the wedding, I just wanted to thank you for sending Will to our wedding. He was on time, extremely proficient and courteous to everyone. He made sure the bride and I were taken care of throughout the afternoon and kept the entire backyard free of empty glasses and napkins.We couldn’t be happier with his service and time with us on Saturday. Please extend a heartfelt thanks to him on our behalf.”

I received a similar text praising the job done by my servers. Overall it was a great weekend. This weekend I will be providing bar service for two parties in Woodland Hills, not far from the first place I ever rented in Los Angeles.


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