Temecula and Desert Hot Springs Events

21 Sep
Guests at Que Syrah rehearsal dinner

Guests at Que Syrah rehearsal dinner

Shaken Not Stirred mobile bartending service had another busy weekend and covered events in Temecula and Desert Hot Springs. Friday night I bartended a wedding rehearsal dinner in Temecula’s wine country, and then on Saturday, I drove out to Desert Hot Springs to bartend a wedding costume party. It was a very hot September weekend and I served a lot of drinks.

I thought I recognized the address to the event in Temecula, and as it turns out I had done an event at that location before. It is a very nice estate Que Syrah,  in Temecula’s wine country sitting on top a hill with nice views of the valley.  I was already familiar with the layout of the place that made it very easy for me. There were around 90 guests and I kept busy making blended Margaritas, Old Fashioneds, and various other drinks.

The couple who were getting married met me at another event I did and hired me, and I saw many of the same people from the first event. It is always nice to get jobs this way and I love referrals. I was pretty busy and didn’t have time to get many good pictures from the event.

Sunset in Temecula

Sunset in Temecula

Saturday, I traveled to Areola’s Spa and Resort in Desert Hot Springs to bartend a wedding party. This is a clothing optional resort, so I didn’t know what to expect. The wedding party had booked the whole resort for the weekend. The couple were actually married on Friday and were having their wedding/costume party on Saturday. This was a gay couple, and my second gay wedding event. I hope to do many more.

Nobody was nude at the party and there were many kids and family members there, so it wasn’t that kind of event. There were some pretty outrageous and colorful costumes however, and it was quite a party. I had another bartender helping me, Mia, and we do many events together. We served Cucumber margaritas, Mai Tais, Dirty Shirleys, and different variations thereof. El Portal of Cathedral City provided the catering and they had some excellent ceviche and appetizers, as well as great tacos.

Areola's Spa and Resort

Areola’s Spa and Resort

Next weekend I am staying close to home and have two events right here in the San Fernando Valley. Friday night I will be doing a birthday party in Sherman Oaks, and then on Saturday, I have another birthday party to do in Northridge. Summer is almost over and the Holiday season arrives in record speed. Book you holiday parties today.

Bartender, Rob

Bartender, Rob

Fellow bartender, Mia

Fellow bartender, Mia

Married couple in costume

Married couple in costume


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