Los Angles Party Bartender Covers Three Socal Counties

13 Apr
Eagle Rock cocktail party

Eagle Rock cocktail party

Shaken Not Stirred, the Los Angles party bartender service covered three different counties in southern California last weekend.  The weekend started in Eagle Rock, moved to Santa Ana, and ended on Sunday in Lake Elsinore.

Friday night Shaken Not Stirred was on hand to bartend a cocktail party and impromptu concert by a Los Angeles based trio.  The host set up a small, well stocked bar by the pool for me, and I served Old Fashioneds, Manhattans, and other classic cocktails in real glassware.  The hosts were both accomplished photographers in the food and beverage industry, so presentation was important.

The trio played for an hour or two and approximately forty guests sipped wine and had appetizers. The  House was on a hill that had views of Griffith Park off to west, and a very well landscaped back yard perfect for entertaining. It was a nice mellow party and great way to start off the weekend, and the third of forth nice event I have done in Eagle Rock. It seems to be a really happening neighborhood in Los Angeles.



Saturday night I traveled to Orange County to the city of Santa Ana to bartend a birthday party. The host requested a server and I took my friend, Alex to help me. He has extensive fine dining and catering experience.  He is one of several experienced assistants I have available. This was a larger party than the one in eagle Rock and about 80 guests were in attendance.

I quickly discovered that the host was of Chilean descent. There were many Chilenos in attendance, and they like to party. My ex wife was Chilean and I love the culture and the people. When Chileans are at a party, they usually drink a lot of wine, and that was the case here too. I want to do Pisco Sours at some party and have yet to find any takers. I also served a lot of Jack Daniels and Marker’s Mark (I think that is an Orange County thing).  I booked another party for May while at the event, and I always love doing that. This was my third event in Santa Ana.

Lake Elsinore party

Lake Elsinore party

Sunday, I traveled to Lake Elsinore in Riverside County to bartend a surprise birthday party. This was my first party in Lake Elsinore and I really liked the area. The hosts had just recently moved into the house and I think it was their first party there. They had a nice backyard and pool for entertaining. I set up my portable bar and served a boatload of Modelos, Bay breezes, and Mojitos, and a few frozen Margaritas.

I had an event scheduled for Apple Valley next weekend, but unfortunately they had to cancel, so as I write this, I am still available for April 18. The Los Angles party bartender may end up anywhere in Southern California on that weekend, and I know I am getting a lot of calls and have to turn many jobs down. I am grateful for every job I get.

Friends and familia

Friends and familia

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