Wedding Bartender

Palm Springs Rehearsal Party

Poolside bar at the Korokia
Poolside bar at the Korokia

The second event of the weekend happened Friday night at the Korakia Pensione hotel in Palm Springs where Shaken Not Stirred was on hand to bartend a wedding rehearsal poolside party.  There were approximately 80 guests in attendance, and I had a new girl, Kellie, working with me, and she did an excellent job.  Good food, good drinks, and good music were had by all.

The Korakia Pensione hotel is a very cool little hotel nestled right up next to the mountain, west of downtown Palm Springs. It was supposed to be a hot day, but it didn’t feel that bad and the sun was behind us as we set up. We served blended Cadillac margaritas, and strawberry margaritas, along with a lot of Corona, Imperial lager from Costa Rica, and Chronic IPA. The biggest disaster of the night was when we ran out of limes, which is an ongoing problem. From now on, I am bringing the limes.

Is that a mermaid?
Is that a mermaid?

I think margaritas are so much better with fresh lime juice. A very good bartender taught me that good drinks should have an equal amount of fresh citrus and sweetening agent.  A sweetening agent could be simple syrup, agave, or pineapple juice. We used fresh strawberries for the strawberry margaritas.  Pinot Grigio and Pinot Noir were the wines of choice.


After I post this I have to start getting ready for my event in Santa Ynez. According to the map, I drive to Los Olivos, and then take the Figeroa Mountian Road until it ends. Should be interesting. GPS is worthless out in these remote areas. My son is going with me on this one, and he always does a great job. Pictures will follow.

Next weekend I have no events scheduled, but I’m sure something will come up. Shaken Not Stirred is the flexible mobile bartending service. We will go anywhere, anytime to bartend.

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