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Rancho Mirage Grand Opening Barbeque

Desert Periodontics
Desert Periodontics

Desert Periodontics of Rancho Mirage celebrated the grand opening of their dental education center and hosted a barbeque for approximately 60 people. Shaken Not Stirred was on hand to provide bartending service.  CV Barbeque of Palm Springs provided the catering and served tri tip and other goodies. Overall, I think it was a very nice event.

This kicked off the first event of three this weekend for Shaken Not Stirred. I will be bartending a wedding rehearsal dinner tonight at a hotel in Palm Springs, then traveling all the way to Santa Ynez, on the opposite end of Southern California to bartend at a wedding reception.  All three of these events  have required much advanced planning.

For last night’s event in Rancho Mirage, Pina Colladas were the number one drink o choice. I also served traditional margaritas, and pomegranate margaritas. It was a warm night in the desert and we went through two cases of Corona and Heineken as well. By the end the event we were almost out of everything, which worked out nicely. Less stuff for the hosts to pack home.

Typical day in the desert
Typical day in the desert

I wasn’t able to take any good pictures at the event, because unfortunately my phone died. This was the second event I have done for these clients and I hope to do many more. Their facility in Rancho Mirage is top notch, and I’m sure they will provide a great service to the community with their dental education center. I have recently undergone extensive dental work myself and finally realize how important good dental care is.

Tonight’s event is at the Korakia Pensione Hotel in Palm springs, and will be held poolside. I have heard great things about the hotel, and am excited to be working that venue. Let’s hope for another successful event for Shaken Not Stirred.  Preparation is the key to a successful event.

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