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Mobile Bartender Services Super Bowl Party in Glendora

Airplane fuel, AKA "Fireball"
Airplane fuel, AKA “Fireball”

Shaken Not Stirred, the Los Angeles mobile bartender, traveled to Glendora to bartend at a Super Bowl party on Sunday. As, you know, the super bowl is pretty much a national holiday in the United States, and a big day for partying.  Only, the Fourth of July may be a bigger drinking holiday, than Super bowl Sunday. The weather in Glendora could not have been nicer for the poolside Super Bowl Party, and the back yard was decked out with two bars, tents with projection televisions, and televisions at the bar.

I do all kinds of events and parties and work behind all kinds of portable and fixed bars. The bar in Glendora could seat at least twenty people and so it reminded me of working behind a real bar, when I did that. Often a bar that long will have two bartenders behind it to keep on top of things. There were around seventy people at the party, so I kept busy.

Long poolside bar in Glendora
Long poolside bar in Glendora

Why Hire a Mobile Bartender?

  • You can mingle and enjoy your own party
  • Impress your guests
  • Avoid losses from theft and breakage
  • Let a pro help you with a shopping list
  • Avoid overserving

I made some of my specialty drinks, and then I made many others. The host had a pretty wide range of liquors and mixers, so I could fulfill almost all requests. I made more Bloody Marys than anything else. The bloody Mary mixes that they put out are pretty good, and I like to add Worchestershire sauce, Tabasco, fresh lime juice, and olive juice. The bar had a tap and we went through one whole keg of Coors Light and I tapped another one.


The game was very good and kept people’s attention right up until the last minutes. I have seen many Super Bowls that were blow outs, where people lost interest in the game before half time and this wasn’t one of those for sure. Towards the end I served many Fireball shots and shots of Tres Generationes tequila. It was a fun crowd, and I think the host and his guests were very happy. I know I was.

Tip ring given by a guest
Tip ring given by a guest

On Saturday, I travel to Glendora again, to bartend a birthday party. This makes two events in one week in the San Gabriel Valley for the mobile bartender. It is unbelievable the number of weddings that are coming up and a bit overwhelming. I have been talking to so many brides and helping them plan their beverage service for their weddings. I have also been helping people plan their birthday parties. This is one area where I am very experienced, and can help you save money and time on your shopping list.


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