Newhall New Year’s Eve Party and New Year’s Day in Pacific Palisades

"Sonny Bones" mans the bar
“Sonny Bones” mans the bar

As I write this I am very tired. I have been dragging all day after bartending at two back to back parties, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.  New Year’s Eve I traveled to Newhall in the Antelope Valley to provide beverage service for a party at a private residence. They wanted a server to help with the food service and I took my old friend and veteran bartender, “Sonny Bones” with me. Sonny has bartended at some of the most infamous joints in Hollywood since the heyday in the 70’s. So we had plenty of experience on hand.

The party was a small gathering of family and friends, with about 30 guests in attendance. We loaded for bear and had all kinds of alcohol. The house had an excellent home bar that was next to the pool. It was very cold in Los Angeles on New Year’s Eve and the hosts had rented a tent and heaters for the bar area. I made some Old Fashioneds, Cape Cods, Whiskey Sours, and poured many shots of Patron. They had a Margaritaville tequila shot pourer that cools the tequila down to 15 degrees, and it comes out the thickness of syrup.

Patron shots waiting to go out
Patron shots waiting to go out

They had a great spread of traditional Persian food that the hosts had prepared themselves. Sonny and I helped with the food service and clean up and poured champagne for the toast just before midnight. I’ve overseen wilder parties throughout the years on New Year’s, but this was just about the right speed for me this year. The hosts and their guests couldn’t have been nicer.


New Year’s Day Party in Pacific Palisades

On New Year’s Day I traveled to scenic Pacific Palisades to help with the beverage and food service for the host’s annual open house party. I was told in advance that it would just be serving beer and wine and no drink mixing involved. We served a champagne bowler punch, which is made with triple sec, fresh strawberries, blueberries, and proseco. That was a big hit and we served several pitchers of that.

View outside Pacific Palisades home
View outside Pacific Palisades home

We also served Bordeaux , Sauvignon blanc, Cremant, and Stella Artois. A couple people asked for mixed drinks, but they quickly switched to wine when they were told that was what was available. The crowd  of about 100 people throughout the afternoon seemed to have a great time.  This goes to show you that people will drink what is offered and be damn happy about it. The hosts had a great spread of food they prepared and sent some of the excellent leftovers with me when I left. Once again, the hosts could not have been nicer.

I have this weekend off so far and then have a big party on Monday in downtown LA, which is a celebration for the swearing in of a judge. Then later on in the week, I have a cocktail party/baby shower to bartend right here in my own neighborhood in Valley Glen. 2015 is starting off very nicely for the Los Angeles mobile bartending service, Shaken Not Stirred.

Guests mingle on New Year's Day
Guests mingle on New Year’s Day

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