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Corona 40th Surprise Birthday Party

Tacky sweater contestants enjoy shots
Tacky sweater contestants enjoy shots

Last night Shaken Not Stirred traveled to Orange County to bartend a surprise 40th birthday party in Corona. The party also doubled as an ugly sweater party/holiday party. The birthday boy was told they were going to an ugly sweater party and had no idea that it was actually a surprise birthday party for him. It is always nice to see someone’s face when they are surprised with something like this. Whoever get a surprise birthday party thrown for them, is indeed a blessed person, because not everybody gets one.

There were about 50 people in attendance, and many of them were active or former members of the military, particularly Marines. I used to drink with Marines, and they can drink. I served Long Island Ice Teas, Mai tais, Cadillac margaritas, and Bay Breezes. I served countless Fireball, tequila shots, and Caramel Apple shots.  Caramel Apple shots are made with Butterscotch Schnapps and Apple Pucker. Bud Light, Tecate, Modelo, and Coors light were the beers of choice.

Only a runner up?
Only a runner up?

The ugly sweater contest was fun and there were many great creations. Had I known, I would have worn an ugly sweater myself. The thrift stores must make a killing on old sweaters this time of year. The winner with the tackiest sweater was voted on by all of the guests in attendance and he won a gift certificate to Outback Steak House.


I put in a bid for a holiday party in Beverly Hills for tonight. It was a last minute request. I might as well do as many holiday parties as I can. One of the guests last night inquired about my services for a party next month, and I hope that she calls me. I have literally made hundreds of drinks this week, and can probably make a couple hundred more to close the week out.

1 thought on “Corona 40th Surprise Birthday Party”

  1. Great bartender! Very professional, courteous and punctual. Will help with drink menu and set up. All my guests were very impressed with him. I high recommend his services and I will definitely use him for future events!! Great job Rob!!!

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