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Los Angeles Bartending Service at San Diego Area Christmas Party

Bell Tower st Balboa Park
Bell Tower st Balboa Park

Los Angeles bartending service, Shaken Not Stirred bartended a San Marcos Christmas party in San Diego County on Sunday. Geranium Street Floral of San Marcos had a record year and rewarded employees with a top notch shindig. Employees and their families enjoyed food, drink, and music at the San Marcos home of the company’s owner.

Shaken Not Stirred did a party the night before in San Diego and the timing was perfect for Geranium’s Street’s party.  Cadillac Margaritas were the drink of choice, along with Negro Modelos, and Kendal Jackson chardonnay. Guests dined on tamales from Ernesto, while the host provided live music at an impromptu jam session.  50 plus guests enjoyed themselves at the Christmas party.

Geranium Street Floral is an emerging company and has been in business for four years in the San Marcos area. The company imports and sells a variety of artificial plants. Their artificial hedges look fantastic and I have posted a picture of one of them here. These fake hedges and topiaries are being used at many events and I have seen them at weddings.

Guests mingling in San Marcos
Guests mingling in San Marcos

Los Angeles Bartending Service Exploding in December

When I returned to Los Angeles, one of my best clients called me and needed a bartender for this coming Friday, 12/5. I was already booked, but am sending two of my best bartenders. It is a wrap party for a film and will be held at the rooftop of the W Hotel in Hollywood.  I will be bartending a 25th birthday party that same night in Studio City. I had booked that party first. If I tell somebody I am going to bartend their party, I am not going to pull a switcheroo on them at the last moment because I got a better deal. I don’t do business that way.

I still have some dates available in December, and I’m sure they will fill up. I’m hoping some of my regular clients call me with last minute requests. The holiday season is in full swing for the Los Angeles bartending service, Shaken Not Stirred.


Artificial hedge by Geranium Street
Artificial hedge by Geranium Street

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