Mobile Bartending from Beverly Hills to Quartz Hill

4 Aug

Shaken Not Stirred mobile bartending service did three events last week starting with a Beverly Hills cocktail party on Thursday, then a post wedding reception in quartz Hill, and finishing the weekend off with a company pool party in the hills of Burbank. The actual bartending is only part of the story, because each of these events required planning, including the shopping lists and drink menus, and in the case of the Burbank party I did the actual shopping for alcohol and beverages. I’m glad I did that because it was a great learning experience for me and I came in $47 under budget.

I did a little research and chose Smart and Final for 95 percent of the items I needed. They had everything from cups, to straws, good prices on soda, and most of the alcoholic beverages I needed. There were only a couple of specialty items I needed which I found at a very nice liquor store, Mission Wine and Spirits on Burbank Blvd. If you are in the San Fernando Valley I highly recommend this place. If you are planning a party and need help with the shopping list I have many lists already made for various numbers of people. I can also do the shopping for you for a fee, of course.

The Beverly Hills cocktail party was repeat business for me and I was glad to have it on the Thursday night. The host told me she would be using me a lot, because I am dependable and not priced out of sight. I am a good bartender and am worth the going rate and more, but I also realize that bartending is not brain surgery, and price my service accordingly. Each crowd that I service is different, and in Beverly Hills it seems it is all about business. They want somebody who comes in, does the job, is tactful and discreet, and then cleans up and gets out of there without a lot of fanfare and I can do that.

Saturday, I was off to Quartz Hill, outside of Lancaster to bartend a post wedding reception. The wedding took place in the Bahamas and the hosts wanted a reception for their family friends back home. I served many blended drinks there including Pina Colladas, Cadillac Margaritas, and Strawberry Margaritas. Shaken Not Stirred is a mobile bartending service that serves most of Southern California, including the far ends of Los Angeles County

Beverly Hills backyard

Beverly Hills backyard

Native flora of Quartz Hill

Native flora of Quartz Hill

Bar menu at wedding reception

Bar menu at wedding reception

Burbank pool party

Burbank pool party


The company pool party on Sunday was held at the host’s home in the hills above Burbank. There are some incredible houses up there, and this was one of them. It was spitting rain all day, but that didn’t keep the guests from drinking delicious Mai Tais, Cadillac Margaritas, and Blue Hawaiians in and out of the pool. No lightning scares. You will notice that I serve Cadillac Margaritas at almost every party I do because people love them! They are by far the most popular drink I serve. Next week I do at wedding at CBS Studios in Studio City. So far August 16th is still open, though I have some inquiries floating out there.  

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