Wedding Bartender

Camp Pendleton Wedding

A wedding scene
A wedding scene
Bride and Groom on beach
Traditional chair dance
Traditional chair dance

Sunday I was the bartender at a wedding on the Marine Corps base at Camp Pendleton. They have a very nice beach resort there for active and retired members of the military. All branches of the military may enjoy the resort, not just Marines.  They have one and two bedroom villas on the beach available for rent at significant better rates than local hotels in the area, you can check out the website of the Del Mar Beach Resort. The wedding that I attended was on the sand in a tent.  All Occasion Disk Jockeys provided the wedding entertainment.

First of all, what I imagined and what the wedding was like were two very different things. I had exchanged several emails with the bride about the drink menu and shopping list, but had never actually talked to her on the phone. I assumed she was marrying a Marine and there would be many Marines in attendance in full uniform. I know that Marines can drink, so I made a shopping list accordingly. Fortunately, the bride knew better and didn’t exactly follow my shopping list or she would have bought way too much.

As it turns out the bride is a doctor in the Navy, and that was her connection to the military. There were no Marines in attendance! I was only bummed because I wanted a picture taken of me surrounded by Marines in full uniform! It was a very nice wedding despite of my expectations and a perfect scenic setting for a very memorable event.

Mojitos were one of the drinks on the drink menu. Mojitos are a very labor intensive drink and I usually make large batches of them. Also, Mojitos require many, many limes. I ran out of limes at this wedding and had to stop making Mojitos. I do not recommend having Mojitos for parties over 40 people. They are just too time consuming to make and will slow service way down.

This week I have a screening event to do in Hollywood, and then am heading down south to San Clemente to bartend a birthday party. Again, I will be making Mojitos. The Forth of July is still open on my schedule. I did not get a Forth of July party last year and hope I am not going to get skunked again. Oh well, I could just enjoy the forth with my own family and freinds, couldn’t I?

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