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Beverly Hills Corporate Event

I received the call around 2:30pm – they needed a bartender for a corporate event in Beverly Hills at 4pm. I loaded up my portable bar, cooler, bar kit and some martini glasses and hustled my Mustang over Coldwater Canyon into Beverly Hills. I’ve been around this city long enough in and many different capacities that I know it by the back of my hand. If I have to get somewhere in the San Fernando Valley, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, the West side, the South Bay or Santa Monica – I know it. I now have GPS for everywhere else (though I don’t trust it). I have never been late for a gig.

The gig was a sales appreciation thing for the employees work well done.  We set up the bar on the rooftop of a building overlooking Rodeo Drive. It was a perfect day for it. We had a specialty drink that was a Blue Slushy Martini – which consisted of  Tito’s Handmade Vodka

Portable bar setup in Beverly Hills
Portable bar setup in Beverly Hills
Blue Slushy Martini
Blue Slushy Martini
People mingling
People mingling

, a dash of Limeaid, and a dash of Blue Curacao. We also served Kir Royale’s with Verve Cliquot. They had a spread of cold cuts and cheese.

It was a very nice little event of less than twenty people, and I was done just after 7pm. People, I will do events like this every day during the week. Go ahead and call me last minute – I will go. Most of my events are on Saturday nights, so I am always glad to get one during the week. Next month I do have some Friday and Sunday parties already scheduled.

Shaken Not Stirred will be traveling this weekend. Saturday I have a wedding at a ranch in Fillmore, which is northwest of the city near the mountains. My son, Willie is going with me on that one, and I’m glad to have him along. Then, Sunday morning I have to get up early and be in Palm Springs by 11am for an all day bacherlorette party. Then the following week I have a birthday party in Thousand Oaks, and a casual bar mitzvah in Calabassas, where I will be serving “Mocktails.” I love bartending and meeting all kinds of new people and going to new places. This is much better than staying at one place all the time, and I’m grateful for all the jobs I’m getting.

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