Baptism Party

Hacienda Heights Baptism Party

The occasion was the celebration of a baptism. The guest of honor was one year old and attended her party along with approximately 100 other guests. I bartended, and it was my first baptism party. It appeared to me that the party was a great success, and we ran out of liquor – two times!

The hostess hired me and we made a shopping list together. I had made a list for 60 people, but I guess 100 ended up showing, so we were a little short of supplies. I have lists already made up for various numbers of people, with the prices, so If you need help with a shopping list, just ask me. We can adjust it for what you want to serve and your budget.

In the past, people have wanted to do Mojitos, and I have discouraged them, because Mojitos are a labor intensive drinks that are troublesome when serving large groups of people. I have a new policy at Shaken Not Stirred – just say yes! Mojitos are made with rum, fresh mint leaves, fresh limes, simple syrup, and club soda. I decided to make large batches in a blender and that worked fine. I served all of the Mojitos within the first two hours of the party.

For the rest of the party, I made Margaritas, Jack and Cokes, Tequilla Sunrises, and Bay Breezes. Someone went to fetch more liquor and beer around 8pm, and by 10 pm we were down to beer and champagne. I hope to do more baptism parties. I have a wedding coming up in Mira Loma next month, and another birthday party in Ontario. I seem to be doing many parties in the San Gabriel Valley and Inland Empire. Book your parties and events today, because the spring schedule is filing up fast.

Ingredients for Mojitos including fresh mint leaves
Ingredients for Mojitos including fresh mint leaves
Back yard party set up
Back yard party set up
DJ heats the crowd up
DJ heats the crowd up

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