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Spring Bartending Business is Picking up for Mobile Bartender

Alternate “White Party” in Palm Springs

This is looking to be the busiest Spring season for Shaken Not Stirred since I began as a mobile bartender four years ago. I had three events last week and am doing five this week, and am booked up on Saturdays through June and July.  It takes a lot of work to manage all the events, and so far I have not messed up and forgotten one (knock on wood). Last weekend I bartended a 40th birthday party/pool party in Palm Springs Friday night, and then returned to the San Fernando Valley for two events on Saturday Night: a 60th birthday party in Sherman Oaks, and then sent another bartender to do a private school event in Encino.

Summer Water keg

Palm Springs Alternate White Party

The “White Party” is an annual big deal and gay event in Palm springs and took place last weekend. It is one of many annual events in the area that brings in thousands of people for the weekend. I know, because hotels are expensive and hard to find during these events. Luckily I used my rewards points to get a room this time. The party I worked was an alternate straight “White Party,” and all the guests dressed in white in honor of it.

I made spicy margaritas, and Mezcal drinks. One of the guests was a wine make and he brought a keg of “Summer Water” Rose, that kept many of the guests busy throughout the night. AB’s Tacos provided the food and it was very good. I mixed drinks until 11pm and then left the guests to fend for themselves. I guess the city of Palm Springs has passed some new law that prohibits people from playing music outside after a certain time. Another business killing regulation. Neighboring Cathedral City will just take all of the rental business. I hate California politics that kills business left and right.

San Fernando Valley Events

I live and work in the San Fernando Valley. The “Valley” get a lot of flack from people on the other side of the hill and elsewhere, but the fact is that the valley has some of the nicest properties you will find anywhere. I bartended a party at a home in Sherman Oaks that is utterly fantastic. It is so nice that the host does not want me taking pictures of it. It formerly belonged to a major celebrity. I have been there a few times, because it is just a perfect spot for entertaining. This time it was a 60th birthday party.

I served only beer and wine for this party, but I served up some fantastic cabernet. I served an ultra magnum bottle of 2002 Cabernet, that holds 12 bottles. There were approximately 40 guests and I served up the whole thing. Master chef, Elan Adivi provided the catering and did not disappoint with a barbecue inspired menu. Chris Ellis Photography did the photos, and We Help You Host provided the servers. The birthday boy had a great time and it was his first birthday party in over thirty years. His best friend and sons provided some touching tributes.

At the same time I had another bartender providing beverage service at an Encino estate not far away. I finished my party and checked in on him. He was doing a fantastic job for my repeat clients. This week I have five big events scheduled – then I am off to New Orleans for some much need R&R, and to attend my friend, Jason Ricci’s wedding. On Wednesday, I will be doing an alumni event in Burbank, on Thursday, a pre-bris celebration in Studio City, off to Indian Wells on Friday for a wedding, and then back to Castaic on Saturday for a graduation party, and then finally a mother’s day dinner party in Woodland Hills on Sunday. On Monday morning early, I crawl onto a plane at LAX bound for the Big Easy. Think I will sleep on the plane? Probably not…

Graduation Party Bartender

Chino Hills Graduation Party

Storm clouds disappearing in Chino Hills
Storm clouds disappearing in Chino Hills

Saturday night, Shaken Not Stirred bartending service was on hand for a graduation party in Chino Hills. It was a high school graduation party, though I didn’t serve alcohol to the high school graduates, but served to their parents and older friends and relatives. It was a very mellow party, though no doubt an important milestone in a young woman’s life, as she prepares to embark on the next adventure in her life – a college career.

I am always impressed when family members throw parties in honor of each other. I have said this 100 times on this blog, and I will say it again. Anyone who has a party thrown in their honor is a very blessed person. The father of the graduate was so proud of his daughter, and gave a very touching speech on her behalf. Nobody threw a graduation party for me, because I was a terrible student in high school, and a rebellious teen – I didn’t give my parents much to be proud of in high school. The fact that I even graduated is a miracle.

That being said, the group of high school graduated at the Chino hills graduation party were a very nice group of kids. None of them tried to get me to serve them alcohol. They seemed to have a great time sitting at their own table, and when it came time for dancing, they all got out on the dance floor. Anybody who says the youth of today are totally worthless, I will have to say there are countless examples to contrary.

Guests dancing to the "Cupid Shuffle"
Guests dancing to the “Cupid Shuffle”

I served Cadillac Margaritas, Old Fashioneds, and wine. It was not a hard drinking crowd, but I seemed to stay busy. I have a blender and don’t mind making blended drinks at all. I am pretty good at making them, because I made thousands of blended drinks when I worked at the bar at LAX. We made pina colladas, daiquiris, and margaritas blended. People are amazed when I pour the ingredients into the blender, blend it up, then pour into the glass and it pours right to the top of the glass with nothing left over. That comes with practice.

Next week I will be bartending a birthday party in Pasadena on Friday, then travel to Bakersfield on Saturday for a rather large wedding. I am doing all the shopping for the wedding, which I don’t mind doing for a small service charge. This will be my first event in Bakersfield, and I don’t mind going up there, or anywhere if it makes sense financially. At this point, I am still available for the Fourth of July, though I have been emailing back and forth with one person.

Backyard party setup
Backyard party setup
Birthday Party Bartender, Mobile Bartenders

30th Surprise Birthday Party in Hollywood

Last night I was hired to bartend a surprise 30th birthday party at the Women’s Club of Hollywood on Labrea, just south of Franklin. The Women’s Club of Hollywood is a historic building in Hollywood and has a rich history since 1913. Such Hollywood legends as Charlie Chaplin, Jean Harlow, and Joan Crawford were all connected to the club, and one of Charlie Chaplin’s grand pianos still sits in the building. The club now rents the building out for events. Last night’s occasion was the surprise birthday party.

The guest of honor was arriving at LAX and had no idea of the party. Her family members, including her husband, in the from the DC area were busy decorating the place making it special for her. Although the party was scheduled for five pm, her flight was delayed and with traffic she didn’t arrive until almost 8pm. She was naturally very surprised to see all of her friends and family members there all dressed up for the occasion.

I served Mai Tais, Bay Breeze’s, Hennesy, and Coronas. The caterer put out a great spread of soul food which included some barbecued sausages, and chicken wings that were just incredible. Dwayne Estero

Women's Club of Hollywood
Women’s Club of Hollywood
Setting up the party inside club
Setting up the party inside club
The birthday cake
The birthday cake
Dance floor
Dance floor

was the DJ and he had some huge speakers that were capable of blasting the whole building down, and he says he has a whole bank of them if needed. After the group ate and gave some nice speeches honoring the birthday girl, the dance floor heated up.

70 people had RSVP’d and confirmed. Only about 35 showed up and the hosts were naturally upset. They had spent considerable money putting on this party. I felt bad for them. The truth is – it is hard to get people to drive across Los Angeles for any occasion, but why say you are going to go if you are not? The people that were there had a good time.

This was the third party I had contracted to do for this date. The first party I received a party for was a Cinco De Mayo party in Sherman Oaks, and the host contacted me a week before and cancelled do to illness. Then I got a call out of the blue from a Google search to do a big party in Santa Monica. Their original bartender cancelled on them last minute and they wanted me to purchase all of the supplies. I was very excited to do the event and then they called me and cancelled. I was bummed, but then I got the Hollywood birthday party the day of. Everything worked out. Next weekend, I will bartend another surprise birthday party in Torrance.