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Chino Sweet 16 Party and Channel Islands 70th Birthday Party

Tables set up in Chino for Sweet 16 Party

Shaken Not Stirred traveled all over Southern California last weekend and provided bartending service for two important milestone birthdays. On Friday I drove to Chino to bartend for a sweet 16 birthday party, and then on Saturday I drove the opposite direction to bartend a 70th birthday party at Channel Islands Harbor. I had another bartender do an event in Villa Park as well. It was the start of the Fourth of July weekend and traffic in Socal was a bear.

The host in Chino rented tables and chairs and set up for over 100 people in the backyard of his home. I served alcoholic beverages to approximately 40 guests, and there were about 60 minors who I served soft drinks to. Johnny Walker Black was the number one drink of choice, and the thing about that is people either drink it on the rocks, or with soda. No fancy mixology involved.

Adults mingle at Sweet 16 Party

The hosts and all of the guests were of Indian heritage and the food served was 100 percent vegetarian. Raul’s Catering of Rialto provided the tacos and burritos and he told me that he specializes in vegetarian food for Indian themed parties. I am not a vegetarian myself, and am reluctant to try vegetarian food, but Raul’s vegetarian chorizo burritos were spicy and excellent. Had he not told me they were vegetarian, I would not have known.

It took me over two hours to drive to Chino, and an hour to drive home. On Saturday, it took two hours to drive to Oxnard as well. Fourth of July weekend is a terrible time to drive anywhere in Southern California. I always leave way early. The party at Channel Islands Harbor was originally going to have 80 guests, and then two weeks before the event, the host bumped it t0 150 guests. I needed to hire an extra bartender, but could not find anyone last minute in Los Angeles, so I turned to Craigslist.

I have had mixed luck hiring people on Craigslist in the past. I usually ask for a picture and resume. I want to see if the people look presentable. I got a few responses, but most of the people can barely write a legible response. They write things like, sup, how much in tips will I make, and they don’t include a picture. One guy wrote a very intelligent response and included a picture, so I hired him over the phone.

Channel Islands Harbor

On the day of the event, I texted the guy in the morning to confirm he would be there. He responded yes, so I felt I had nothing to worry about. I got to the location at the harbor and started setting up and one half hour before the bar back was supposed to be there, I got a text from him saying he was being pulled over by the police and that he had warrants and was probably going to be arrested. I had to scramble to find somebody else. I asked one of the servers there if she knew anybody and she did! Her brother could do it.

I started serving the guests at 4pm and the replacement barback showed up just in time at 5pm. We did not stop serving drinks for six hours straight. I must have made 600 drinks myself, and thank God the other guy showed up to help me. The party was to celebrate the 70th bithday party of a very revered man and former fire captain of Oxnard, and many of the guests were firemen that worked for him. It was a great event and they had a live band and Polynesian dancers for entertainment, but I was too busy making drinks to even pay attention.

Guests having a ball at 70th Birthday Party

Tomorrow is Independence Day and I am bartending a party in Rolling Hills, at a home that has excellent views of the San Pedro fireworks show, and the Long Beach fireworks, so I am looking forward to that. Friday I am going to San Diego to do a wedding, and then on Saturday I am doing a wedding at an exotic animal ranch in Sylmar. Please follow me on Instagram.


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Cerritos Sweet 16 Party

Blackjack table at Sweet 16 party
Blackjack table at Sweet 16 party
The Sky Room
The Sky Room
Portable bar on the terrace
Portable bar on the terrace

Saturday night, Shaken Not Stirred was hired to provide bartending service for a Sweet 16 party in the city of Cerritos. This was my first purely non-alcoholic party. The theme, was the “Great Gatsby,” and the décor of the venue was reminiscent of the 1920’2, and many of the guests wore costumes from the era. If I had been thinking, I would have worn my Lloyd the bartender costume. It was a very nice party for a girl’s 16th birthday party and it made me wish I could have done something like that for my daughter.

I came up with a non-alcoholic drink menu for the party that included virgin Pina Colladas, Mai Tais, Shirly Temples, and a mint sparkling lemonade. The Pina Colladas are always popular and I like seeing the looks on the kids face when they taste one for the first time. The Pina Collada is one drink that tastes good without alcohol – the Mai Tai and other drinks, probably not so much.

This was the second party this week where I brought my portable bar and table. The portable bar has served me well and I charge customers only $25 to bring it. It isn’t much, but it works and it is easily portable and I can set it up and break it down quickly. In the future, I hope to have something better that I can transport in my car. The party was held at the Cerritos Library Sky Room and Terrace, which is a very nice venue on the fourth floor of the Cerritos Public Library.

The Sweet 16 party had a caterer, DJ, photo booth, photographer, and blackjack table with dealer as well. The blackjack table was very popular and I got the dealer’s card. I’m sure people would love that at almost any party. There was a group of people gathered around that table the entire night. Pulchini Entertainment provided the blackjack table and dealer and it looks like they do all kinds of other gambling games as well.

I just booked a birthday party in Simi Valley for next weekend and an engagement party in San Diego for the Black Friday weekend. I bartend parties in San Diego occasionally if it is worth my while. I am getting many inquiries for Christmas parties and office parties next month and I think it it is going to be very busy, but so far there are many open dates. New Year’s Eve is also still open, so book your party now.