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Hollywood Screening Event

27 Jun

Last night Shaken Not Stirred did another week night event in Hollywood. I’ve been doing a weeknight corporate event almost every week for the past few weeks and I hope the trend continues – I love these gigs. Last night it was the premier of the second season of the Comedy Central series, Nathan For You. The event was held at the funky little theatre on Fairfax, Cinefamily

Beverage selection

Beverage selection

Terrance bar tending

Terrance bar tending

Industry mingling

Industry mingling

. The Theatre has a cool little outdoor space in the back for events like this with a bar.

I took a new bartender I have met with me, Terrance, who recently moved here from Rochester New York. We served around 180 people wine, beer, and sodas for about an hour before the screening, and then after the screening was over for a couple of hours. Stella Artois was the most popular beer of the night, followed by Ranger IPA. We served two highly rated wines for under $10 a bottle, Round Hill Chardonnay, and Gen 5 Cabernet.

I had made a shopping list for the event planner and he increased the beer order from what I had given him, which turned out to be a good thing – we went through almost all the beer. We served most of two cases of wine. Another successful event for Shaken Not Stirred. Another night in Hollywood where the television industry promotes its wares, and I hope to do many more events like this.

Tonight I am doing a cocktail party in Beverly Hills where we will be serving Manhattans, Whisky Sours, and Pomegranate martinis. I have twelve martini glasses I am bringing to the party, which makes it fun for everybody – including me. I love making martinis and pouring them into real martini glasses. I will do it again tomorrow night at a birthday party in San Clemente.

Shaken Not Stirred serves corporate events, screening, fundraisers, reunions, and openings. We also do birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, pool parties, barbecues, and holiday parties. I have booked a Fourth of July party in Newport Beach, which could be challenging, considering the traffic and parking situation. I will keep you posted.

Special Price for Cocktail Hour

16 Feb

Rob bartending in Sherman Oaks

Rob bartending in Sherman Oaks

Shaken not Stirred is offering a special price for “cocktail hour”.

For $50, you get a bartender for 2 hours including setup and break down time.

You can host a cocktail hour with a professional bartender before your dinner party, screening, presentation, etc.

Due to distance, this offer is only good for the San Fernando Valley, Hollywood, West Hollywood, West Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica.

This offer is good every day except Saturday.

This is great opportunity for people to try a bartender out and not pay a lot of money. I can help you make a specialty drink menu and shopping list for your cocktail hour.

This will surely impress your guests and free you up to enjoy yourself, while Shaken not Stirred serves your guests and cleans up after them. If you have a home bar, great! If not, we can improvise something.

Here is an interesting article about hiring bartenders – I didn’t say it!