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Newport Beach Graduation Party

16 Jun

Sunday Shaken Not Stirred was present at a back yard graduation party in Newport Beach. It was a very nice home for entertaining and I set up my portable bar and table next to the pool. I was a little nervous I was going to fall in and I have done that before at a party, so it is a real concern. As it turns out, I didn’t fall into the pool, but some others did, but I will tell about that later.

I brought my martini glasses and we decided upon a menu of Dirty Martini’s, Gimlets, and Lemon Drops, with Cadillac Margaritas as the mixed drink. I served Heinekens and Coronas, and Chardonnay. A friend of the family did the cooking, and he fixed beef brisket, pork, baked beans and macaroni salad. I must say that the baked beans he served were some of the best I’ve ever eaten in my life.

The weather was perfect – not too hot, but just warm enough. It was a very mellow party and many people were not drinking alcohol because they had to work the next day and had to drive. I was scheduled to bartend until 10 pm and about 8pm I was thinking the party would not last until 10. They weren’t playing any music and many people were leaving. I have noticed at other parties, if the music is not on, or playing too low, the party gets sleepy and people start leaving.

Well, around 8pm a core group was still there and they cranked the music up. I had served many drinks but did not think anyone was drunk or over the limit. I was serving home made lemoncello, made by the host. It is made from 190 proof grain alcohol and lemons. It is thick like syrup and mixes well with club soda. Some of the guests had shots of that. Just a nice after dinner drink fitting for a graduation party in Newport Beach.

With the music playing the party caught a second wind. Someone pushed someone into the pool and then suddenly several more were in the pool – some with all their clothes on and others in various stages of undress. All of the dominoes started to tumble…Those people who were not yet in the pool were put on notice that they would be next, including me! I wouldn’t have minded, but was wearing an expensive silk shirt. Anyway, the situation kind of reminded me of the stadium scene in “Apocalypse Now”. The host had me quickly wrap up the bar at that point. I honestly did not see that coming at all. The moral of this story is watch out for the lemoncello! Next weekend I’m doing a party in Lancaster, and a wedding at the Marine Corps base at Camp Pendlelton.

Cadillac Margarita and Dirty Vodka Martini

Cadillac Margarita and Dirty Vodka Martini

Me shaking martini in silk shirt just inches from water

Me shaking martini in silk shirt just inches from water

Notorious home made lemoncello

Notorious home made lemoncello

Recent graduate goes for a swim...

Recent graduate goes for a swim…

Last Minute Party in Newport Beach and Palm Springs Wedding

6 Oct

I was a home on Sunday afternoon, contemplating going to the beach when the phone rang. Someone was a having a party and the bartender didn’t show up – no show, no call. “How fast can you get to Newport beach?”  the guy wanted a to know. “About an hour,” I said. So I put on my bartending clothes, grabbed my gear and drove to Orange County from the San Fernando Valley.

When I arrived the party was in full swing. It was a child’s birthday party but there were probably sixty adults there and were bartending for themselves.  Chaos at the bar! I hate to be thrown into the fire, so to speak, but I got behind the bar and everything settled down quickly.  I served margaritas, lots of wine and even a mojito or two.  In the end I was glad I came and I was planning to go to the beach, and I did get there. I can’t always do last minute gigs, but you might as well call, because I might be able to.

Yesterday I did a wedding in Palm Springs at the Henry Mancini Estate. This was something that was booked months ago and involved much planning. I brought three girls with me – one barback and two servers. It was a little stressful because one of the girls I had scheduled cancelled and I had to scramble to find somebody else hours before the event. I found someone locally in Palm Springs and she showed up and did a great job.

There were a little over 100 people in attendance and we had two bars set up – one for a cocktail hour by the pool, and one next to the dining/reception area. It all went pretty smoothly and I think a great success. The only problem was that the ice didn’t arrive until ten minutes before we were supposed to start serving. It took awhile for the beer to get cold, but much worse things could have happened. The favorite drink of the night: “ The Groomsman” – Crown Royal and Coke.

I’m looking forward to the holiday season. I have many events booked but still have many dates open in December. Shaken Not Served serves the entire Southern California region.

Cocktail Hour by the pool

Cocktail Hour by the pool

My crew with "El Padrino"

My crew with “El Padrino”

The bartender and "El Padrino"

The “Bar Manager” and “El Padrino”