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Newberry Park 50th Birthday Luau

Friday night in Newberry Park in Ventura County was the scene of a man’s 50th birthday celebration and luau in honor of the occasion. The party was organized as a traditional luau and they roasted a pig, handed out leis,  played Hawaiian music and I as the bartender served Mai Tai’s and Blue Hawaiian’s. Everyone was dressed for the occasion, including me.

There are several recipes for Mai Tais. The recipe I used is what most bars use, and I think tastes the best. It is a pretty sweet drink, and deadly if you don’t watch out. The way I was making them last night creates a layered look – Bacardi White Rum, orange juice, pineapple juice, a dash of grenadine, and a Myer’s Rum floater. It seemed to be a hit, because we went through two 1.75 liter bottles of rum very quickly. The Blue Hawaiian was the second most popular drink, and I made Bay Breezes for the vodka drinkers.

I helped the host make a shopping list and was getting a little nervous as we started running out of things, but as it turned out we ran out of them just in time, because we were almost completely out of booze by the end of the party. We also served Long Board beer, Pinot Grigio, and Chardonnay. In the future, I think I will add more booze to shopping lists. The host seemed to be happy there was not much left over, but it would have not been good if we ran completely out of everything with an hour to go – which we would have if people had not slowed way down on their drinking. Every party is different that way.

The 5:15 Band

Guests mingle at Luau in Newberry Park
Guests mingle at Luau in Newberry Park
Salute to the Mai Tai!
Salute to the Mai Tai!
Hawaiian luau in Ventura County
Hawaiian luau in Ventura County

out of Orange County provided live entertainment. They are a very good cover band and did several Eagles songs very well, and many other classics. There was a whole segment of the party where the host’s friends and family members got up and talked about him and it was a very nice tribute for his 50th birthday. The man must have done a few things right in a half a century judging by heartfelt tributes from his best friends, coworkers, and family members. Certainly it must have been a memorable occasion in the host’s life.

Tonight, June 14th, is the first Saturday night in some time I have not had an event to do. I guess it wasn’t meant to be. I have a graduation party in Orange County tomorrow and I guess the powers that be decided I was getting greedy trying to do three events in one weekend. Never the less, if you are reading this right now and need a mobile bartender last minute in Southern California – call me!

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June Birthday Parties

The last two weeks in June I bartended two birthday parties – a 40th birthday bash in Valley Glen, and a 90th Hawaiian themed birthday party in Newberry Park, Ventura County. Both were virtually last minute requests which I was happy to oblige. The host of the 40th birthday party called me the day of, and the party was literally three blocks from my house. The 90th birthday party was hosted by the celebrant’s daughter and she contacted me three days in advance. It does not take months to hire a bartender and host a successful party – if I am available I can help you make a shopping list and I show up, simple as that.

The 4oth birthday party in Valley Glen was a raucous affair and we went through 6 large bottles of Grey Goose, three bottle of Johnny Walker Black, and four bottles of tequila for a party of fifty, plus a whole lot of beer. I brought my blender and made blended margaritas. Chilled tequila and vodka shots were also popular. Heineken was the beer of choice. Catering was provided by Familia Perez, (213) 321-7229, and they put out an excellent spread of tacos, quesadillas, and burritos made to order. I arrived at 5 and was done by midnight.

I had never done a 90th birthday party before and didn’t know what to expect. The host was the birthday girl’s daughter and wanted to do something special for her mom. They had invited around thirty guests and the host didn’t want to to spend the entire time making drinks. She had never hired a bartender before and was reluctant. I made Mai Tais from a recipe she gave me and they were a hit at the Hawaiian themed party. Long Board beer was the beer of choice. The Poi Pounders (310) 534-1404 provided Hawaiian music, and really made it special for the birthday girl. I have never seen a ninety year old lady so happy. In the end, I think the host was very glad that she hired me, because she and her husband were able to relax and mingle with guests as I made the drinks.

I have three dates booked in July – two big weddings and another Hawaiian themed party. I am still open for the Forth of July. Remember, Shaken Not Stirred will also do Sunday pool parties, Friday night parties, and events on the weeknights. Don’t hesitate to call – if I can’t accommodate you, I can probably recommend somebody.

Set up for 90th party
Set up for 90th party
To book them call (310) 534-1404
The Birthday girl holds court!

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