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Fullerton Graduation Party

17 May
Taco service

Taco service

Last night, I was the bartender at a Fullerton graduation party. The host had just graduated and received her doctorate degree, and that required three years of intense study and basically not having any kind of a life, outside her studies. So this graduation party was a great cause for celebration. There were at least 50 friends and family member in attendance, and everyone seemed to have a good time.

I served Cadillac Margaritas, and Cucumber Margaritas, and I also improvised an orange margarita with fresh squeezed orange juice. The cucumber margaritas I make with my own cucumber syrup, and they were quite popular. I didn’t feel this last batch was my best however, and I think I need to adjust the recipe to get more cucumber flavor. One thing for sure, I don’t believe in infused liqueurs at all, and believe the flavor is better when mixes are made from fresh ingredients.

Graduation party in Fullerton

Graduation party in Fullerton

The host hired a taco cart and a mother and daughter team from Tacos Reina (909) 251-1609, provided the catering. I talked to Reyna, the owner and she was a very nice person. I love to see that people are making businesses for themselves. Many of these people rely on word of mouth alone to get their business and don’t know how to use the internet to their advantage. That is why I always put a plug in for people when they do a good job and provide a good service.  Reyna’s salsa and beans were out of this world!

The host also hired mariachis, and Mariachi Estrella de Chapala (562) 619-4891, provided the traditional Mexican entertainment. I always enjoy talking with the mariachis, and I always request my favorite mariachi song,  La Cucurrucucu, and they played it for me and to me. Such a beautiful classic song.

Mariachi Estrella de Chapala

Mariachi Estrella de Chapala

I am working today, preparing for a cocktail party on Tuesday in Hancock Park for one of the television networks. I am arranging for the table rentals, glassware, and doing the shopping. All of this requires a lot of coordination, but as I often say, “It ain’t brain surgery.”  We are buying alcohol and serving drinks, nothing for me is much easier than that. Preparation is the key for a successful event bartender.

I have another graduation party next weekend in Castaic. The graduation party in Fullerton was a referral from a party I did almost three years ago, and those clients were in attendance. I love getting referrals and repeat business. Memorial Day is coming up and I am still available on that date. Will bartend anywhere in Southern California.

Chatsworth 30th Birthday Party and Glendora Wedding

27 Oct

Last night I worked a wedding in Glendora and sent another bartender, Jessica, to do a 30th birthday in Chatsworth. Another successful night for Shaken Not Stirred. As I was setting up for the party in Glendora, someone called me because their bartender cancelled at the last moment. I can’t believe how many calls I get like that. Unfortunately I couldn’t help that person. I have never cancelled or flaked on a gig, and couldn’t imagine doing it. Reliability means a lot to me, but I guess not everybody feels that way.

The wedding in Glendora at the La Fetra Center was a Mexican styled wedding complete with Mariachis. Probably 100 people were in attendance, and another bartender, Mary, helped me. They had keg beer and I want to stress that I don’t recommend that for parties less than 150 people. At this wedding they had two 16 gallon kegs and I would say both were still half full at the end of the party. Keg beer is messy and hard to deal with. When you first tap the kegs you have to deal with foam for probably half an hour. If you have those pump type taps, the beer pours extremely slow. Kegs were cool to me when I was 16, but I’m over them now. We also served vodka, tequila, and rum drinks. Many shots of tequila went down.  

I helped the host of the 30th birthday party in Chatsworth construct a drink menu. She decided on dirty martinis, Cosmos, and Margaritas. I talked her out of keg beer and she served Corona and Stella Artois. Jessica, the bartender said it was a great event. I like helping my clients with drink menus and shopping lists, and I think I can save them a lot of money.

Mariachis serenade the guests of honor

Mariachis serenade the guests of honor

Mary holds down the fort

Mary holds down the fort

Next weekend I have a costume party scheduled in La Quinta, (I am going as LLoyd the Bartender) and a wedding in Eagle Rock. Don’t forget, book those holiday parties now. If you wait until the last minute you may have a hard time finding a bartender. Shaken Not Stirred serves Southern California, from Santa Barbara to Palm Springs.      

Need a Bartender for Your Engagement Party?

14 Jun

Tables set up for formal engagement party in Encino

Guests enjoy traditional Persian cuisine at Encino party.

Rob bartending at Encino engagement party.

Recently, I have bartended at two engagement parties in the Los Angeles area. I worked a Mexican American engagement party in Norwalk last month and I worked a Persian American engagement party in Encino two weeks ago. It is nice to see families honoring their children and throwing formal engagement parties for the families to get acquainted before the wedding. Both events where held in back yards and included catering and live entertainment.

The Norwalk engagement party hosted approximately 50 people and featured Mariachis, barbequed goat meat, chicken, and beef. The most popular drink was the Cadillac Margarita with a salt rim, with Jack and Coke coming in second. Corona and Pacifico were the beers of choice. The party wound down at 11 pm and was attended by grand parents, grand children, and everyone in between.  This was a non-formal event, done very nicely and great fun seemed to be had by all.

The Encino event was held in the backyard of the the future bride’s parents. It was a semi formal event catering, white table cloths, and live traditional Persian entertainment. The engagement party had nearly one hundred invitees in attendance. I was hustling bartending for that many people – (I recommend a barback or second bartender for maximum service for parties that large).  The drink of the night was the Pomegranate Cosmo, with Scotch and Soda coming in second. The guests dined on chicken kabobs and rice and enjoyed traditional Persian dancing.  I didn’t leave the party until nearly two AM.

Summer is the season for a myriad of celebrations – including engagement parties, quincineras, weddings, and all kinds of ethnic events. Shaken Not Stirred realizes that LA’s culture is widely diverse and looks forward to serving all kinds of people and cultural events. We also do pool parties, barbeques, corporate parties, grand openings, art shows, screening events, and after parties. Shaken Not Stirred serves the entire LA area including Los Angeles, Orange,Ventura, and Riverside Counties. Please call us at (310) 280-6103 to let us help you plan your next event.