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Post Xmas Cocktail Party in Fontana

28 Dec

Portable bar and table in Fontana

Saturday afternoon, I was sitting home with no bartending jobs scheduled until New Year’s Eve, when I got a call to bartend a cocktail party in Fontana, two days after Christmas. I live in the San Fernando Valley and Fontana (Inland Empire) is about 60 miles away, so I had to jump into action to get to the party on time. I was glad to get the job, because even though I have been very busy this holiday season, January is not looking so hot so far.

I made a quick shopping list for the host and emailed it to her. Most of the events I do involve way more planning than this, but last minute parties can still be successful. We didn’t really have time to plan any elaborate specialty drinks, but I have done enough parties to know what supplies are needed for a specific number of guests. I can guess pretty accurately how much ice, how many cups, how many bottles of wine, etc. will be needed. I have said many times, do not hesitate to call me last minute if you need a bartender.


Hosts and guests enjoy Fontana cocktail party

I arrived in Fontana on time and set up my portable bar and table in the corner of the kitchen. The portable bar is three feet wide and the table is four feet long, so I roughly need a fifteen feet square foot area for my portable bar. I usually only charge $25 for the portable bar, because it is nothing fancy, but it serves its purpose, and I have used it on rooftops in Beverly Hills, and near the docks in Wilmington.

Cocktail Party Occasions

  • House Warming
    Celebrate a promotion
    Grand Openings
    Going away parties
    Client appreciation

The Fontana cocktail party was slow to get going, but had a big finish. Guests trickled in – after all it was the Saturday after Christmas, and most people in Southern California have at that point been going to various functions all month. The host had a beautiful grand player piano that certainly added a bit of class to the party, rather than the usual Pandora selections. It was if we had a concert pianist on hand for the party. I served wine, a few margaritas, and some vodka drinks. I think everybody had a great time, and it was a successful last minute cocktail party.

My next party scheduled for Shaken Not Stirred is on New Year’s Eve in Sherman Oaks, very close to home. I will be doing several prohibition era cocktails for that party. Last year I bartended a New Year’s Day party, which I got last minute, so maybe I will get another this year. January is pretty open, so please call me if you are planning a birthday party, wedding, or any kind of event in January.

Shaken Not Stirred: James Bond Theme Party in Brentwood

15 Mar
"Shaken not stirred,"

“Shaken not stirred,”

“Shaken Not Stirred,” is a phrase coined by James Bond, and I felt it was the perfect name for my bartending company. Last night I bartended a housewarming party in Brentwood that was attended by approximately 70 guests. Many of the party guests were dressed in full Bong regalia. I wore white shirt and bow tie in honor of the occasion.

The host wanted real glassware, and I brought the glass rentals. I like using real glasses, especially for Martinis. A few glasses got broken at this party. I think real glassware is better at some parties than others. This house was five levels, so real glassware was a little problematic.

I poured many gin martinis, “Shaken Not Stirred.” Manhattans were also popular. I poured Fireball and tequila shots all night until two in the morning. We served completely out of whisky, champagne, and white wine. It seems that everybody had a good time and didn’t get too out of hand.



Screwdriver waiting to get screwed

Screwdriver waiting to get screwed

Today, I am finishing a corporate project I am doing. I have to put labels on 300 pre-made drinks. Tomorrow I will deliver them to Palm Springs, and I have rented a truck for that. Next weekend I am helping one of my associate bartenders with a wedding that she booked. It is kind of nice to have a break from be responsible for everything.

The final weekend of the month I will be busy with two parties in Palm Springs, and then a wedding in Santa Ynez, that my son will help me with.