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Hollywood Hills Birthday Party

Guests dancing at Hollywood Hills birthday party

Friday night Shaken Not Stirred provided bartending service at a Hollywood Hills birthday party for approximately 50 guests. The event was originally supposed to be at a rented Beverly Hills mansion, but circumstances changed, and it was moved to the Hollywood Hills. That was fine for me because it was closer to my house, but the host was bummed because the Hollywood Hills place on Mulholland Drive was much smaller than what he wanted.

The host and birthday boy rented the house through AirB&B, and I guess it is possible to have a party at some of those rentals, providing that you pay a large deposit. The house where this party was held was on Mulholland drive, not far from where some of LA’s most famous citizens reside, including Jack Nicholson, and formerly, Marlon Brando. All kinds of movies have been shot on the winding road that moves through the hills that separate Hollywood and the San Fernando Valley.  

The birthday boy and friends

Hollywood Hills Parties

  • Infamous celebrity party location
  • Laurel Canyon
  • Mulholland Drive
  • Hollywood and SFV valley views
  • The Hollywood sign

    Birthday cake time

The host wanted to keep the liquor budget down and I was able to help him with a shopping list that came in at under $300, including all beverages, cups, ice, and garnishes. We ran out of beer, but there was plenty of other alcohol left over. All of the guests were in their early 20’s and I was thinking what a well behaved group they were. I remember my friends and I at that age and we would have probably burned the house down. Maybe they did after I left…

I served Moscow Mules, pineapple margaritas, and a few other simple drinks. It was great little Friday night party and I think everyone had a good time. It was my first party for the month of December, kicking off the official Christmas season.

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Hollywood Hills Birthday Party

The Taco Guy setting up taco bar

Friday night Shaken Not Stirred provided bartending services at a birthday party in the Hollywood Hills home. The event was held in the courtyard of a historic Hollywood home in the hills above the Hollywood Bowl. The weather was perfect for late August and it even cooled down to jacket temperature when the sun went down.

I setup my portable bar in the courtyard and served Cadillac Margaritas and spicy Jalapeno Margaritas to approximately 50 guests. The host works for a wine distributor, so she had some very nice white and red wine on hand. She planned the party for her husband’s birthday and she hired me for the bartending and a taco cart for the food. The Taco Guy Catering did the tacos.

Late summer sunlight in the Hollywood Hills

Why Hire a Bartender?

  • Impress guests with consistent high quality cocktails
  • Prevent guests from over serving themselves
  • Continuous cleanup
  • Host can spend more time mingling
  • Help with shopping list

Many people I work for have never hired a bartender before, but they are almost always glad they did afterwards. Having a bartender frees up the host to mingle with the guests and also is much better than letting the guests mix their own drinks. That often becomes a free for all, and a disaster. Hiring a taco cart is also a good idea, and is usually quite reasonable in price. I see on the the taco guy website that they can do catering for 50 people for under $500. You can hardly beat that!

Guests mingle after sundown

The Hollywood Hills birthday party seemed to be a quite a success and it was a great group of people. I always like doing Friday night parties, and especially when they are this close to home. This coming week I am bartending an event in Beaumont in Riverside County on Thursday night, a 300 person wedding in New Cayama in Santa Barbara County on Saturday, and then a pool party in Acton on Sunday. That’s what I call a mobile bartender.

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December Bar Catering Begins

Pastel sky above Rancho Mirage

December bar catering kicked of for Shaken Not Stirred last month with two big events in Rancho Mirage and Valley Village. On Thursday I traveled to one of my favorite places – Rancho Mirage to bartend a company holiday party at Desert Periodontics, and then on Saturday, I bartended a holiday party at a private home in Valley Village, only a mile and a half from my home. These were both repeat clients, which I love getting because I don’t have to work so hard to generate new business.

I have done several events for Desert Peridontics. They have ongoing education for other dentists in the area, and host events for dental products suppliers. They usually have food and host a bar. I set up my portable bar and table for a cocktail hour before the presentation. For this party I served spiked eggnog, White Russians, and Jalapeno Margaritas. It was a very mellow party and there were approximately 50 guests.

Spiked eggnog

Bar Catering Duties

  • Plan drink menu and shopping list
    Develop cocktail ideas
    Setup and breakdown
    Portable bar
    Light food service
    Make and serve cocktails
    Beer and wine service
    Non alcoholic drinks

On Saturday, I returned to a San Fernando Valley home in Valley Village for a repeat holiday party. I set up my portable bar and table in the back yard, just as I had a year prior. I remember last year it was much colder. This year, I served two specialty drinks, the Cranberry Old Fashioned, and the Moscow Mule. Those two drinks are perfect for Christmas parties. There 80 guests at the party, and everyone seemed to enjoy the drinks.

Bar Supplies in Valley Village

Tomorrow, I will bartend a company holiday party in Hollywood for a television production company. This is another repeat client. I will be taking my daughter with me to help out, as there are supposed to be over 100 guests. This weekend I have two more parties scheduled – one in San Gabriel, and one in the Hollywood Hills. I still have Saturday, December 26th available, and several weekdays open for parties, if you have not yet booked someone.

Guests mingle in Valley Village