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Mobile Bartender Does Two February Parties

My barback at Stevenson Ranch, Maya

Last weekend Shaken Not stirred, the Los Angeles based mobile bartender service traveled to Stevenson Ranch and the city of La Verne to bartend. The month of January is traditionally slow as people are recovering from all the holiday parties, and then in February people get back into the swing of things when it comes to partying. I provided bartending services in Stevenson Ranch for a wake of sorts, and then on Sunday went to La Verne to bartend a Super Bowl Party.

Sitting around the fire pit

The party in Stevenson Ranch was a home of a repeat customer. I bartended a birthday party for her boyfriend last year and then she called me back to bartend a party she was having as a remembrance for her father who recently passed. Her father was only 54, which is the age I will be next month. It made me feel extremely grateful that I am in excellent health and that is something I should never take for granted.

The Stevenson Ranch party got started late as many of the guests work in the car business. I have worked in the car business myself and that means late weekends and long hours. Car business people work hard and a lot of of them play hard too. I know that from experience. I set up my portable bar in the backyard and served jalapeno margaritas and a lot of Crowne Royal until nearly 2am.

Mobile bartender service in La Verne

Why Hire a Mobile Bartender?

  • Gives the host more time to enjoy guests
  • Bartender will help you with shopping list
  • Consistent, professional quality drinks
  • Guests are impressed
  • Bartender brings portable bar

For the past two years I was the bartender at a huge Glendora Super Bowl party, but for some reason they decided not to have it this year. I thought another good client of mine was going to have a Super Bowl party this year and I turned down other offers. Well, a week before the Super Bowl, I still did not have a party. I finally picked one up last minute in the city of La Verne.


I had never been to La Verne but it is pretty close to Glendora. The client’s home was in a very nice gated community right next to the Mountains. I set up my portable bar next to the swimming pool. They also hired a taco cart to do the food. I had a view of the game from where I was standing, but barely had a minute to spare I made so many drinks. I made a lot of shots too and went through five or six handles of Tito’s.

More Shots!

This coming weekend I have three parties starting on Friday in San Diego, back to Sherman Oaks on Saturday to bartend a birthday party and then on Sunday I have a party in the city of Long Beach. It will be a busy weekend for the mobile bartender. Please follow me on Facebook if you haven’t done so already.

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San Marcos Martini Party

Portable bar set up in San Marcos home


On Saturday, Shaken Not Stirred drove to San Marcos in San Diego County to provide bartending service at an annual martini party. The hosts have put on this annual martini party in January for over ten years. The difference this year is that they hired a bartender. In the past, the guests made their own drinks, but this year they decided to bring a pro in to bartend.

The host provided me with a list of martinis four pages long that the guests could choose from. There were at least twenty different ingredients needed for the various drinks. I don’t usually recommend that people use a drink menu this diverse, mainly to keep costs down. In this case the host had all of the ingredients – many left over from other parties.

Guest enjoys a “Dirty Martini”

I made lemon drops, appletinis, pom cosmos, dirty martinis, fireball martinis, Key Lime martinis, among others. I am able to do drinks quickly I have never done before if I have the recipe. I think the hosts were happy to have a bartender. It gave them more time to enjoy the party and not worry about restocking the bar. Etc.

Martini Party Ideas

  • Hire a bartender
  • Use real martini glasses
  • Use fresh ingredients
  • Provide a drink menu
  • Choose a theme

The host had plenty of martini glasses, and it is always nice to work with real glassware. I like to shake the drinks long enough that there is a layer of ice floating on top of the drink. I made a lot of martinis when I was a bartender at an Italian restaurant in Redondo Beach. I tend to believe that good martinis are mostly alcohol, and I like to keep the mixers to a minimum. I think there is nothing worse than a syrupy martini. I think I brought my expertise at making martinis to the martini party in San Marcos. Here is the customer’s review of me on Thumbtack: Best bartender possible!

“Rob was amazing! Guests glasses were never empty. Very professional, polite and conscientious! Would highly recommend him for any event.”

Guests mingle at martini party

This coming weekend I will be bartending a surprise birthday party in Burbank, and then at the beginning of February I will be doing parties in Palm Springs, Glendora, and Sherman Oaks. I am looking forward to servicing weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, and doing the occasional martini party. I am still available for Super Bowl parties. Please follow us on Twitter and Facebook.


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Los Angeles Bar Service at Two January Parties

Friends and family surprise guest of honor

Shaken Not Stirred, the Los Angeles bar service provided beverages at two area parties over the weekend. On Saturday I traveled to Redondo Beach to bartend a 40th surprise birthday party, and then on Sunday evening I bartended a lavish dinner party in Beverly Hills. January is typically a slow month in the bar catering business, and it is always nice to get more than one event on the weekend.

I arrived at 10 am in Redondo Beach to set up my portable bar. It was a beautiful sunny day after all the rainy days we’ve been having. It is always a gamble to schedule an outdoor party in January in LA, but this time the host lucked out. The party was held a an iconic Redondo Beach house that I have passed many times and always wondered what it was. It is home to an accounting office, but it has a wonderful backyard that is perfect for having parties.

Beautiful day and ice sculpture at surprise party 

The host went to great lengths the plan the party and conceal it from his wife. He hired a caterer, Chef Mumsie, a photo booth, Nina Gallery, and a guitar player/singer (I didn’t get his card). The birthday girl was truly surprised and touched when she arrived. Surprise parties are usually great and I’m sure they last as precious memories in a person’s life. I have provided bartending service at many surprise birthday parties, and they always require coordination between the various family members and vendors.

Hire a Los Angeles Bar Service

  • Don’t let your guests pour their own drinks
  • Enjoy the party
  • Get help with drink menu and shopping list
  • Get a portable bar
  • Impress your guests
    Bar setup in Beverly Hills

    On Sunday I returned to the home of one of my best clients to bartend a very nice dinner party. Jon and Vinny’s of Hollywood catered the event and they offered to bring their own bartender, but my clients wanted me. I was very appreciative of that. I worked well with the catering crew, and they took most of the drink orders and did the cocktailing for me. I brought my Jalapeno margarita mix and mixed it with mescal, which also works very good. I must say that the food from Jon and Vinny’s was excellent, and I cleaned every morsel off of my plate.

    Dinner party in Beverly Hills

    This weekend I am traveling all the way to San Marcos in North County, San Diego to bartend a martini party. It is supposed to rain the entire weekend, so I hope that does not ruin the party. I know I am bringing the portable bar and we usually set that up outside. Next month is shaping up to be very busy for the Los Angeles bar service, Shaken Not Stirred and I will be doing parties in Sherman Oaks, Glendora, Studio City, and Palm Springs so far. I still have Super Bowl Sunday open, so hope that I get a party there somewhere along the way.

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Glendora Super Bowl Party II

Shaken Not Stirred in the house

Sunday, I returned to Glendora to bartend the second annual super bowl party (that I have been involved in).  The host asked me back again, and I was delighted, because he has a killer backyard bar that is perfect for throwing big bashes. The weather was beyond perfect and about 80 guests enjoyed the game and cocktails provided by me.

The host asked me to create some specialty drinks, so I thought of some theme drinks, based on the teams playing. For the Carolina panthers, I created Carolina Sweet Tea, which has vodka, a splash of peach schnapps, and Popeye’s Sweet Tea.  I served this at a wedding and it was a huge hit – so much so that we had to go out and get more sweet tea. The tea didn’t over so well at the super bowl party, because there did not seem to be many Carolina fans in the house. I also created the Orange Crush in honor of the Broncos, and that was simply Orange Crush and vodka.  The hit drinks of the night ended up being the second string drinks – Jalapeno margaritas, and peach margaritas.

Crowd at Glendora Super Bowl Party

I saw many of the same people that came last year and many of them sat in the same seats.  I made a lot of blended concoctions and the bar is well stocked. We had one big screen television behind the bar, and he had another TV at a secondary bar, and a projection TV set up. They had a bounce house set up to keep the kids busy.

Mustang in pieces!

Halfway through the game somebody called out, “Who owns a white Mustang parked across the street?” I raised my hand, thinking maybe I was parked in front of a fire hydrant or something. The guy told me I had better come out and look at it. I walked out to the street and saw my trusty steed in pieces. A guy driving by in a monster truck had side swiped it with his big tires.  I really didn’t have time to deal with the situation, and was not upset – the guy stopped and gave his insurance info. Stuff happens, and I had bartending to do – the show must go on. Fortunately, some people who lived across the street who had nothing to do with the accident zip tied my bumper back on so I could drive home. Everything worked out fine. That car has taken me to over 200 events and hopefully will be up to 200 more.


The super bowl party was really buzzing by the end of the game and most of the guests were elated by the outcome. I really wasn’t able to watch the game, because I was busy, which is how I like it. The host says he is not having it again next year, but I hope he changes his mind. Next weekend is Valentine’s Day and I will be bartending a wedding in the South Bay for my associate Mia Martini. Late rthis month I will be returning to Palm Springs to bartend two weddings.  I am still open on February 20th at this point, so if you need a bartender for that date, please call me.

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Palm Springs 50th Birthday Party

Nice weather at the Charles Farrell Estate
Nice weather at the Charles Farrell Estate

Saturday Shaken Not Stirred traveled to Palm Springs to bartend a 50th birthday party at the fabulous Charles Farrell Estate.  This was the second or third 50th birthday party I have served alcohol at in the Palm Springs area, and I must say – when a man turns 50 he pulls out all of the stops. Saturday’s party was a marathon event that last over 12 hours, and featured pools, hot tubs, taco carts, BIG SCREEN TV’s, a Sushi Chef, and fresh squeezed grapefruit drinks.

The weather couldn’t have been better and was in the eighties daytime, and cooled down nicely when the sun went down. It is a hard to plan parties in SoCal in February with El Nino looming, but that wild child made no appearance last weekend.  People were walking around in swim suits no problemo.  I had my bar set up in a nice shady spot just off to the side of the patio and didn’t have to fight the sun all day.

Now, that's a BIG SCREEN
Now, that’s a BIG SCREEN

The best surprise find of the day was the grapefruit trees on the property.  There were several grapefruit trees just loaded with fresh grapefruits. I squeezed one of them and it was just perfect – not bitter and so sweet even. I drank mine with club soda and it was fantastic. It mixed well with vodka, tequila, and rum. Just add a splash of soda. Excellente!

Fresh grapefruits make for great drinks!
Fresh grapefruits make for great drinks!

The Charles Farrell Estate

  • Pool and Hot tub
  • Barbecue
  • Executive kitchen
  • Formal dining room
  • 7 bedrooms
  • Sleeps 16 plus

The Charles Farrell Estate is one of the several great properties available to rent in Palm Springs. I have bartended at several of the famous houses in the area, including the Cree estate in Cathedral City, and the Henry Mancini Estate in Palm Springs. The prices are surprising affordable compared to many other types of venues.

Guests mingling for 50th birthday party
Guests mingling for 50th birthday party
Kids hiding on the roof
Kids hiding on the roof

The guest of honor was certainly honored, and his wonderful wife did her best to make it a memorable and special day for him. He was also surrounded by some of his oldest friends, and many family members. The kids had a blast too. Goodfellas Tacos provided the taco cart. Fantastic sushi was done by Fresh Sushi Catering.

Sunday I had to get up early to rush over to Glendora to bartend a blowout Super Bowl Party.


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Greek Night at Huffington Center

The Huffington Center in Los Angeles

Shaken Not Stirred bartending service was on hand for the second annual Greek Night at the Huffington Center in Los Angeles hosted by the Sons of Pericles.  I bartended the event last year and was very pleased that they called me back again. The event was held at the Huffington Center, which is connected to the St. Sofia Cathedral near downtown Los Angeles.

Traditional Greek dance

I panicked a little when I showed up, because the parking lot was full and people were overflowing from a party already in progress in the banquet room where last year’s event was held. I walked inside and there was another bartending company with two bartenders busy making drinks for the party.  I wondered if I had the date wrong and immediately called my contact. He informed me that we would be doing the party in a different room.  They were having a wedding in the large banquet room.  The Huffington Center is World Class facility and has basketball courts, a theatre donated by Tom Hanks and his wife, banquet facilities, and a professional kitchen.

Keeping the tradition alive

They were using the facility’s only portable bar for the wedding, so luckily I had my portable bar in the car. I always carry it for that reason. I can set up my portable bar in a matter of minutes and be ready to go. The host was worried that they would run out of booze, but I assured them that they had plenty for 100 guests. The event was a fundraiser, and the guests had to buy tickets for drinks.

Friends unite in Los Angeles

I made standard mixed drinks for the party, including screwdrivers, Cuba Libres, Jack and Coke, and Cape Cods. Last year we had Ouzo which was quite popular. The Sons of Pericles is a fraternal organization connected to the Greek Orthodox church, and this event was represented by chapters all over the United States and even Canada. I talked to guests from Las Vegas, New York, Chicago, and Canada. A very nice group of people and they keep up their cultural traditions with traditional Greek music and dancing.


This weekend I will travel to Fullerton in Orange County to bartend a baby shower. I have done a few of these and usually serve a lot of champagne. I have received many inquiries for weddings in the spring, and have booked a few of them as far away as August. Next month I will travel to Palm Springs to bartend a birthday party and then am bartending a repeat super Bowl party in Glendora.

Birthday Party Bartender

Moroccan Themed Birthday Party in Glendora

DJ Benny Boom spins inside tent
DJ Benny Boom spins inside tent

Shaken Not Served traveled to Glendora on Saturday night to bartend a Moroccan themed birthday party. The hosts had a fantastic tent set up in their backyard that looked like something out of 1001 Arabian nights.  They also had a very nice backyard bar for me to work from. It was raining when I got there, but that’s what tents are for, right?  The rain subsided, and the guest started arriving. I think the party was a great success.

The host and I worked together on an extensive drink menu that included eight specialty drinks and just as many shot choices. The Moroccan Mint Martini, was the tip choice of the night. The drink includes, vodka, muddled mint leaves, simple syrup, fresh lime juice, and a splash of orange juice. It has a very nice color and looks good in the martini glass.  I also made Cosmo’s, Lemon Drops, Appletinis, and cucumber margaritas.

Shots lined up
Shots lined up

This party was all about shots. I started the trend by making different specialty shots and setting them out. The favorite one was the Woo Hoo, which had vodka, peach schnapps, and cranberry juice. The Washington Apple was popular, which has Crown Royal. Cranberry juice, and apple pucker. I also made Lemon drop shots, and by the end of the night, Monster & vodka shots. I served four handles of vodka.


The DJ was Benny Boom, of the San Gabriel Valley (909) 767-9291. He passed my DJ test and gets to appear on this blog. He didn’t play YMCA, Happy, or the Cupid Shuffle. I think many DJ’s lack imagination and just play the same mix at every party. This DJ was above average in that respect and he really got the party going. By the end of the night the dance floor was full. The shots also helped in that respect.

Shots 2!
Shots 2!

Next Saturday is Valentine’s Day and I will bartending a wedding in West Hills, and am taking two servers with me. I was looking at my schedule for next month, and I have three events in Palm Springs, and they are all on Fridays, so, I can book Saturday night events on those weekends. I also have a wedding in Santa Ynez, where I have never been before and am looking forward to it. In March, Shaken Not Stirred, the Southern California mobile bartending service will be logging a lot of miles.

Mobile Bartenders

Mobile Bartender Services Super Bowl Party in Glendora

Airplane fuel, AKA "Fireball"
Airplane fuel, AKA “Fireball”

Shaken Not Stirred, the Los Angeles mobile bartender, traveled to Glendora to bartend at a Super Bowl party on Sunday. As, you know, the super bowl is pretty much a national holiday in the United States, and a big day for partying.  Only, the Fourth of July may be a bigger drinking holiday, than Super bowl Sunday. The weather in Glendora could not have been nicer for the poolside Super Bowl Party, and the back yard was decked out with two bars, tents with projection televisions, and televisions at the bar.

I do all kinds of events and parties and work behind all kinds of portable and fixed bars. The bar in Glendora could seat at least twenty people and so it reminded me of working behind a real bar, when I did that. Often a bar that long will have two bartenders behind it to keep on top of things. There were around seventy people at the party, so I kept busy.

Long poolside bar in Glendora
Long poolside bar in Glendora

Why Hire a Mobile Bartender?

  • You can mingle and enjoy your own party
  • Impress your guests
  • Avoid losses from theft and breakage
  • Let a pro help you with a shopping list
  • Avoid overserving

I made some of my specialty drinks, and then I made many others. The host had a pretty wide range of liquors and mixers, so I could fulfill almost all requests. I made more Bloody Marys than anything else. The bloody Mary mixes that they put out are pretty good, and I like to add Worchestershire sauce, Tabasco, fresh lime juice, and olive juice. The bar had a tap and we went through one whole keg of Coors Light and I tapped another one.


The game was very good and kept people’s attention right up until the last minutes. I have seen many Super Bowls that were blow outs, where people lost interest in the game before half time and this wasn’t one of those for sure. Towards the end I served many Fireball shots and shots of Tres Generationes tequila. It was a fun crowd, and I think the host and his guests were very happy. I know I was.

Tip ring given by a guest
Tip ring given by a guest

On Saturday, I travel to Glendora again, to bartend a birthday party. This makes two events in one week in the San Gabriel Valley for the mobile bartender. It is unbelievable the number of weddings that are coming up and a bit overwhelming. I have been talking to so many brides and helping them plan their beverage service for their weddings. I have also been helping people plan their birthday parties. This is one area where I am very experienced, and can help you save money and time on your shopping list.


Birthday Party Bartender, Wedding Bartender

Chatsworth 30th Birthday Party and Glendora Wedding

Last night I worked a wedding in Glendora and sent another bartender, Jessica, to do a 30th birthday in Chatsworth. Another successful night for Shaken Not Stirred. As I was setting up for the party in Glendora, someone called me because their bartender cancelled at the last moment. I can’t believe how many calls I get like that. Unfortunately I couldn’t help that person. I have never cancelled or flaked on a gig, and couldn’t imagine doing it. Reliability means a lot to me, but I guess not everybody feels that way.

The wedding in Glendora at the La Fetra Center was a Mexican styled wedding complete with Mariachis. Probably 100 people were in attendance, and another bartender, Mary, helped me. They had keg beer and I want to stress that I don’t recommend that for parties less than 150 people. At this wedding they had two 16 gallon kegs and I would say both were still half full at the end of the party. Keg beer is messy and hard to deal with. When you first tap the kegs you have to deal with foam for probably half an hour. If you have those pump type taps, the beer pours extremely slow. Kegs were cool to me when I was 16, but I’m over them now. We also served vodka, tequila, and rum drinks. Many shots of tequila went down.  

I helped the host of the 30th birthday party in Chatsworth construct a drink menu. She decided on dirty martinis, Cosmos, and Margaritas. I talked her out of keg beer and she served Corona and Stella Artois. Jessica, the bartender said it was a great event. I like helping my clients with drink menus and shopping lists, and I think I can save them a lot of money.

Mariachis serenade the guests of honor
Mariachis serenade the guests of honor
Mary holds down the fort
Mary holds down the fort

Next weekend I have a costume party scheduled in La Quinta, (I am going as LLoyd the Bartender) and a wedding in Eagle Rock. Don’t forget, book those holiday parties now. If you wait until the last minute you may have a hard time finding a bartender. Shaken Not Stirred serves Southern California, from Santa Barbara to Palm Springs.