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Valentine’s Day Wedding in Palos Verdes

February day at the South Bay Botanic Garden

Yesterday, I was contracted to help my associate bartender, Mia Martini bartend a Valentine’s Day wedding on the Palos Verdes Peninsula. I have a lot of history in the area and worked for years at the former Frascati Ristorante, and Le Rive Gauche. The wedding was held at the South Bay Botanic Garden, which is a beautiful venue to hold an outdoor wedding.  The weather was perfect, and it is certainly a risk to plan a wedding in February during El Nino.

Over 200 guests attended the wedding, and we served Moscow Mules, Kentucky Mules, Margaritas, and of course beer and wine.  These Mule cocktails are very popular right now and are easy to make, especially for a crowd of 200 people. Many brides and groom want to have elaborate specialty drinks for their weddings, but some craft cocktails simply take too much time to make, and hold up the line. I can do Mojitos in bulk when I have to, but that is not really the proper way to do them.

Large crowd at Valentine’s Day Wedding

We got hit with the initial wave of people just after  the ceremony, but the night went very smoothly. My friend and associate, Mia is very organized and detail oriented, so that always helps make things go smoothly. She purchased 300 pounds of ice for the party, which we concerned wouldn’t last in the beginning, because it was so warm. After the sun went down, it cooled way down and we ended up dumping 60 pounds of ice. That will water the trees there.

Valentine’s Day Wedding

  • Makes remembering anniversaries easier
  • Combine anniversary and Valentine’s Day gifts
  • Friends and relatives get out of paying for dinner
  • Great hearts theme for wedding
  • Divorce proof

    Bride and Groom share first dance at Valentine’s Day Wedding

I want to mention some new work shoes I purchased. The last pair of work shoes I bought from Sears barely lasted six months. I literally only wore them twenty times before they started falling apart. I took them back to Sears, and they said, “tough luck.” I went to Sketchers and they have a line of shoes, specifically designed for service work. I bought a pair of shoes that are made from a synthetic material, which I was reluctant to buy. I must say these are the most comfortable work shoes I have ever bought. I was on my feet for eight hours and the shoes were great.

I have two weddings back to back in Palm Springs coming up, which I am working with the hosts to plan. I still have the 20th open and am looking for an event on that date. I will travel anywhere in Southern California.  Also, the Academy Awards will be held on February 28th, and I am available for that dates, if anybody is planning an Academy Awards party.

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Fullerton Baby Shower

Ladies gather for baby shower inside tent

Saturday, Shaken Not Stirred traveled to Fullerton in Orange County to bartend a January baby shower.  The host had a tent set up in the front driveway as there was a chance of rain. These tents are available from event rental companies and people can have a very nice party on their own properties that don’t cost a fortune. It didn’t rain, but the tent also provided privacy and a cozy setting for the baby shower.

I set up my portable bar and table in the back of the tent.  I served Mojitos, Margaritas, Madras, and Mimosas – the four M’s. The host had a plenty of supplies, and the 60 ladies in attendance drank more than I thought they would. With all the tables in the tent, it was a bit difficult to move around, so I went and took drink orders from the ladies and delivered them with my tray, like a male cocktail waiter.

The host with friends and family

I have done a few baby showers and champagne and Mimosas are always popular. At this baby shower they served food buffet style with disposable plates and silver wear. I helped keep the tables clear, and I always do that when I am not busy making drinks, because it makes the time go faster for me, and my hosts always appreciate it. I am not one of those bartenders who just stands behind the bar waiting for guests to come order drinks.

I am starting to book more weddings and parties in the spring. I have booked several jobs in the Palm Springs area where the competition is not as tough. It seems that everybody in Los Angeles is now a mobile bartender.  I had a great month in December doing all my jobs in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley, but now I have to venture out because everyone in Los Angeles is hungry. Sometimes people go for the cheapest bid, and then realize they get what they pay for. As it is, I think my prices are fair, and maybe even a bit low. Next week I have three events in downtown Los Angeles at the Reef merchandise mart. I have done several events there in the past and am always glad when they call me back.

Phones are now a fact of life

Next month I have a Super Bowl party lined up and have received inquiries about doing an Academy Awards party. I am still available for the Academy Awards, so please call me if you need a bartender for your Oscar’s Night party.

My portable bar at the event
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Cathedral City Wedding and Bermuda Dunes Oscar Night Party

I was fortunate to book two back to back parties in the Coachella Valley this weekend. I like visiting the Palm Springs area and usually stay at a hotel there when I do jobs in the area. It is always nice getting a Saturday night job and a Sunday job the next day in the same area. Rain threatened the Saturday wedding and even though we desperately need the rain in California, I was glad we were given a reprieve Saturday night. Heavy rain would have seriously ruined the wedding.

The wedding was held at the historic Cree Estate in Cathedral

Ominous clouds threaten wedding...
Ominous clouds threaten wedding…
Cree Estate Pool
Cree Estate Pool
Mingling at the Cree Estate
Mingling at the Cree Estate
The Red Carpet
The Red Carpet
Great bar for Academy Awards party
Great bar for Academy Awards party

City. It was a very nice spot for a wedding and they did this one up right. They had tents set up to cover the 150 guests as they were dining and over the bar areas, but those would not have hampered a heavy downpour, as we sometimes get. They hired a bartender from another company, and I supplied two servers. We had to set up quickly for a cocktail hour after the ceremony, and the move to another bar for the reception. We pulled that off no problem. It was a busy bar night and we were slinging drinks from 4:00 pm until midnight.

The server situation ended up kind of funny. I normally only get people to help me that I know and have used before, but this time I had a problem getting my regulars in the Palm Springs area because they were all working a tennis tournament. I brought Mia, who has worked with me several times and is incredible.  One girl recommended a friend and I talked to her and she sounded good and so I hired her. That girl called me last minute and said she couldn’t make it, and she recommended one of her friends. I talked to that person and she said she would definitely be there. The morning of I called her and she said she was getting ready to work that afternoon. Well, she was supposed to arrive at 5:30, but a forth woman arrived in her place who I had never heard of before. It all worked out, and as far as I could tell, and it seemed the forth woman did a good job. In the future, I will only use people I know. The wedding party was a rager and we went through countless bottles of tequila and Jameson whiskey. The DJ was very good, though I didn’t have time to get her name. The married couple looked nice together, and I’m sure they will have a great future ahead of them.

The next day I did an Oscar party at the Bermuda Dunes home of Dan and Sharie Bolhmann.  Sharie Hatchett Bohlmann is a fantastic artist and sells her paintings all over the world, and even has pieces hanging in the White House. She works with all kinds of mediums and artistic styles and her home is covered with her artwork, which you can also see on her website. The Oscar party is an annual event that they hold, and I was honored to be a part of it this year. They have a very nice home bar and I served around 80 guests. We went through a couple cases of wine and lots of whisky and vodka. I would say that scotch was the drink of choice.  The party was a great success and everyone went away happy.

I have many more parties and weddings scheduled throughout the summer all over Southern California. Book your party now, and remember, put up the deposit right away if you want to hire me. I have had situations recently where people have hesitated to put up the deposit, and then someone else swoops in and hires me, and then the first people come back wanting to put up their deposit. I have to book the first person who puts up a deposit for a specific date. I will honor that deposit no matter what. I have other bartenders I can send out, but I always book myself first.

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Mobile Bartenders for 2013 Private Events

Shaken Not Stirred provides mobile bartenders and servers for private events throughout the entire Southern California area. The busy holiday season is now over, but the party season in Los Angeles is just beginning. Awards season is big in Los Angeles and we provide bartenders and servers for parties and events until the broadcast of the Academy Awards and beyond. We also bartend at birthday parties, weddings, engagement parties, openings, screenings, fund raisers, mixers, and all kinds of corporate events.

If you are planning any kind of party with 25 or more guests, don’t even try to bartend yourself. Shaken Not Stirred can provide a private, certified bartender for your event in the Los Angeles area for as little as $100 for 4 hours. For areas more than 50 miles from the San Fernando Valley the minimum is $150 for fives hours. Bartenders arrive one half hour early to set up and bring a professional bar kit that includes shakers, cutting board, pourers, wine openers, etc. For no extra charge we can also include a 64 quart cooler for ice or beer.

If you are planning a large event with 100 or more guests, we can provide more than one bartender and/or servers. Call for rates if you are planning a large event or have special requests. We can get rentals such as a portable bar and glassware if needed. Large parties are great business, but we like to do small parties of 40 people and under as well. We have serviced many birthday parties in the 25 to 50img77 person range.ImageImageImage

To book a party we require a 25 percent non-refundable deposit, which you can pay via credit card on our PayPal link. We have male and female mobile bartenders available – all are prompt, very experienced, and professional. We have done parties as far south as San Diego, as far east of Los Angeles as Indian Wells, and in Ventura to the North. Call us today and let us help you plan a drink menu and shopping list. Call today – (310) 280-6103.