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Chatsworth 30th Birthday Party and Glendora Wedding

Last night I worked a wedding in Glendora and sent another bartender, Jessica, to do a 30th birthday in Chatsworth. Another successful night for Shaken Not Stirred. As I was setting up for the party in Glendora, someone called me because their bartender cancelled at the last moment. I can’t believe how many calls I get like that. Unfortunately I couldn’t help that person. I have never cancelled or flaked on a gig, and couldn’t imagine doing it. Reliability means a lot to me, but I guess not everybody feels that way.

The wedding in Glendora at the La Fetra Center was a Mexican styled wedding complete with Mariachis. Probably 100 people were in attendance, and another bartender, Mary, helped me. They had keg beer and I want to stress that I don’t recommend that for parties less than 150 people. At this wedding they had two 16 gallon kegs and I would say both were still half full at the end of the party. Keg beer is messy and hard to deal with. When you first tap the kegs you have to deal with foam for probably half an hour. If you have those pump type taps, the beer pours extremely slow. Kegs were cool to me when I was 16, but I’m over them now. We also served vodka, tequila, and rum drinks. Many shots of tequila went down.  

I helped the host of the 30th birthday party in Chatsworth construct a drink menu. She decided on dirty martinis, Cosmos, and Margaritas. I talked her out of keg beer and she served Corona and Stella Artois. Jessica, the bartender said it was a great event. I like helping my clients with drink menus and shopping lists, and I think I can save them a lot of money.

Mariachis serenade the guests of honor
Mariachis serenade the guests of honor
Mary holds down the fort
Mary holds down the fort

Next weekend I have a costume party scheduled in La Quinta, (I am going as LLoyd the Bartender) and a wedding in Eagle Rock. Don’t forget, book those holiday parties now. If you wait until the last minute you may have a hard time finding a bartender. Shaken Not Stirred serves Southern California, from Santa Barbara to Palm Springs.      

2 thoughts on “Chatsworth 30th Birthday Party and Glendora Wedding”

  1. Thank you so much for helping me with my 30th birthday! Jessica was awesome and all of your help throughout the process really made my party a success!

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