Santa Monica Corporate Event

28 Sep

Wednesday night, I was the bartender at a corporate event in Santa Monica. I don’t do many gigs during the week usually, but expect to do more as the holidays approach. Corporate events are quite different than most of the events that I do, but I am more than happy to do them. This particular event had around 100 people in attendance and I handled it just fine by myself.

I served four different types of wine, water, and soft drinks. The host provided Carbernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, a Grenache blend, and a Chardonnay by Hahn Winery. I would say Pinot Noir was the most popular for the night, followed by Chardonnay. I always open several bottles at the beginning of the event, but the trick is not to open too many so I won’t have several opened bottles at the end of the event. At this event, I served two cases and only had three opened bottles at the end, and they were almost empty. Most people don’t know that wine goes bad quickly once it is opened – it is only good for about four days.

The host of this party requested that I only serve two glasses of wine per person. That is extremely hard to do, when it is an “open” bar. With 100 people I can’t remember who I served what to all the time. A better way to do this would be to issue drink tickets as the people are arriving. No drink ticket, no drink. I would say at this event most people only drank two, but I’m sure some had more than that. I am LEADS certified by the State Alcohol Board, and am trained to spot intoxicated people and not to serve them.

Catering was provided by Fik.le of LA and they served the best buttermilk chicken sandwiches. Macoliscious provided a scrumptious variety of macaroni and cheese. They had a raffle at the event and gave away some fantastic gifts including Spectrum memberships, a Chef’s dinner for ten people, and hotel room in Lake Tahoe. I bought some tickets but didn’t win.ImageImage

The holidays are approaching at light speed now. Book your company Christmas parties now, as well as your home parties. I require a 25 percent deposit to hold the date which you can pay on pay pal link. I have one Halloween party booked so far on November 1 in La Quinta, but the other dates are available.


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