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Diamond Bar Center Wedding

Saturday, July 14th was the date of a beautiful wedding at the Diamond Bar Center. Shaken Not Stirred manned the bar and served cocktails to 160 people. I did this one by myself – something I don’t recommend for that many people, but I did okay with the help of some of the catering staff, the staff at the Diamond Bar Center, and some of the bride’s maids.

It was a very hot July day and as I was setting up the bar outside I wondered if the ice would melt before the wedding was over. As the sun went down though, a cool ocean breeze blew in making it a perfect night overlooking the San GabrielValley. People were waiting at the bar 20 deep and I was busting my hump making martinis and pouring beers, but in the end I think everyone was happy.

The bride and groom worked with me before hand and we made a cocktail menu consisting of  the Appletini, Pomegranate Cosmo (my signature drink), and the ever popular Margarita. We also served Jack Daniels, and I made the various drinks popular with that. For beers the groom chose Pacifico and Shock Top, and it was a toss up to know which one was most popular. We had four cases and the beers were completely gone by the end of the party.

The Diamond Bar Center is an excellent location for a wedding or any event. They have a first class kitchen, a portable

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 bar and large dining area. At this particular wedding 17 tables were set up with the finest table clothes ect. There is ample parking and a fantastic view of the San Gabriel Valley. I hope to do many more events at the DiamondBar Center.

Somebody asked me at the party as he took my business card if  Shaken Not Stirred only serves the Los Angeles area? Let me clarify this – Shaken Not Stirred serves the entire Southern California area, including: Los Angeles, Ventura, Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange, and even San Diego counties. We will travel to Bakersfield, Santa Barbara, Palm Springs, or even Barstow for a great event. Call today and plan your event because I am booking up August and even into October already.

2 thoughts on “Diamond Bar Center Wedding”

  1. Rob you did a awesome job at our wedding this past Saturday in Diamond Bar. Everyone was happy. I want to throw another party just to have you bartender again.

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